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Why is this deck so special?


All tarot decks encompass every archetype of the collective unconscious; whether it is the big archetypes of the Major Arcana, the personification of individual personal characteristics of the Court Cards, or the range of emotions and human experiences in the Small Cards. The Bent Twig Tarot Deck will provide guidance by tapping in to the subconscious mind, but also divination through storytelling, astrology, world mythology, comparative religion, and perhaps even a little bit of pop culture that has seeped its way into the imagery. It has an instant user-friendly characteristic, defined by its colors, shapes, and expressiveness, yet it also teaches and defines the astrological meanings of the cards, for the advanced reader and medium.


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dream into action

I recently set out on an adventure. One evening, I had a dream. An ancient entity was hovering above me, its robes green as fresh cut meadows. In the folds of the garment it was wearing, I could see the fertile delta of some mighty river in the distance. Glyphs of gold light were rising from the sun, which was radiating from the crown of the spirit, and its rays were glinting off of the water. This vision reached out a hand, and with a long finger, gently pointed and touched my solar plexus chakra, Manipura. I then realized that I was the water itself, running underneath the robes which were animated rolling hills. The symbols that were floating in the air were the invention of language, thought, communication, art, creation. Upon waking, I bolted out of bed and set out to watercolor this dream image. I pinned it to my wall, not quite sure what it really meant, but felt it was important enough to study it. Shortly after this, a series of images started to flood my dreams, bubbling up from my unconscious mind. I lined them up alongside each other in my studio. After the fourth image, it became clear to me what these images were: Tarot cards.

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Archetypical images

The original, first card that came to me in that dream was Atu XVI, Art/Temperance. The others that sprang out of my head next, like Athena, were The Moon, The Empress, and a very pregnant Princess of Disks. As an advanced tarot reader, and collector of decks, I had always wanted to paint my own cards. Life is busy, and full of other things that demand our time. This deck would not be denied. I started seeing things in my day to day life; a church stained glass window that looked just like the Ace of Swords; a couple on a veranda who looked just like The Lovers; a rainbow after a storm, over a table of cups, a golden sky saying, “Hello! Look at me! I'm the Ten of Cups!” Coyotes would howl outside at night, and the next morning I'd draw a Trickster as the Seven of Swords. Always one to follow the prompt, I kept painting.

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Collective unconscious

All of the cards in The Bent Twig Tarot Deck are created this way. From dreams, visions, or real-life scenarios. The way I look at it, by the time I'm finished with the work, in some way I will have literally experienced each card of the tarot. I think that sometimes we dream for ourselves, but sometimes we also dream for the collective unconscious; we dream for the world. That is my hope in creating this deck. I hope that it stimulates the Archetypical mind, and its accompanying book provides a true and honest insight to these special images, which represent one person's path, and simultaneously, all of our paths.


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Insight & teaching

The value of any tarot deck is to provide insight into the life of the user, whether as a study tool or a divination tool. The accompanying book will be very instructional, as it will explain each card in depth. There will be a photograph of the card, along with a simple chart explaining the card's main principleslight and shadow qualities, the energy of the card in one's internalexternal,professional, and personal life; an in-depth analysis and description of the card's meaning and symbolism, including references to Jungian psychologymythology, the card's astrology, and finally any references to artmusicmediapop culture, etc. that might be reflected in the cards.

I hope you will enjoy seeing the creation of this very special deck unfold.

-Lisa King