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meet the artist

I am a visual artist, musician, poet, and metaphysical tool crafter living in Atlanta, Ga. I have been a student of tarot for over 30 years, and I am an avid collector of decks. I spent my summers as a child in the North Georgia mountains with my great-grandmother who was an herbalist, a local medicine woman, and a healer. She was an Irish immigrant who lived off the land with a large garden, a well, and no electricity. A natural wise, green woman, she taught me how to use herbs, roots, and plants for cooking and healing. My great-grandfather was Cherokee, and would play rattles and banjo on the large front porch, telling stories to all who would listen, under starry night skies, while fireflies twinkled, sunflowers smiled down at us, and cats mewed in the distance. I absorbed a lot of this Appalachian wisdom, and apply that to my own crafting in my Etsy shop, Wax & Wane: A Cabinet of Curiosities, where I make natural wood wands from my yard, grow and sell herbs, and craft cruelty-free smudge fans. I myself use a found “bent twig” as my own wand in my personal practice, which partly lends itself to the title of my tarot deck. 



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the adventurous life

I feel that this love of storytelling and mythology speaks through my visual art, and to some extent my music. I play in a professional band The Hot Place, who has recently toured for the past two years with David J from the popular 1980's gothic rock band Bauhaus, and post-punk chart toppers Love and Rockets. You can listen to my first vinyl album release, The Language of Birds on No Big Wheel Records. I play piano, bass, guitar, percussion, and sing. I look at my art, music, writing, and love of all things magickal as a holistic system of living an authentic and adventurous life. I was honored recently with an entry into Wikipedia!  I have always been a fan of psychedelic music, especially English folk. Another influence on the title of my deck comes from a reference to a lyric by The Incredible String Band, from their 1967 album, The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion; “The bent twig of darkness grows the petals of the morning.” I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Marijke, Koger, a member of the Dutch artists collective The Fool group, who contributed to the creation of the colorful artwork of the album cover. The Fool group were very active in the late 1960's, worked with many popular musicians, and they named their collective after The Fool tarot card. Now that's full circle!



I graduated with Honors, Magna Cum Laude from Georgia State University in 1997 with a degree in Painting and Printmaking, and a double minor in Art History and Psychology. My interest in Jungian psychology, the writings of Joseph Campbell and Aleister Crowley became the basis of my study of psychology and philosophy. I was the President of Art Students Union from 1995-97, and founded The Printmaker's Workshop, a collective of printmakers at Georgia State. While at the college, I helped to convert the printmaking department into a non-toxic facility, by writing and receiving a NEA grant for the school.


I am an amateur blogger and photographer. You can find my Wordpress Blog here, and you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterestand Facebook.  In my spare time I enjoy cooking, hiking with my beagle Aleister, and typing on my old Smith-Corona typewriter.